in Varde Municipality's lovely nature

Jump on your bike

There is reason why Varde got the prize as The Best Bicycle-Municipality in Denmark in 2014. There is 140 kilometers bicycle path along the country roads and established more than 30 marked and well described trails on three to 25 kilometers. For servicing cyclists as well as possible, multiple PIT stops have been made. Here you can rest, pump your tires and fill your water bottle, and some PIT stops have digital infoscreens for orientation. The current six PIT stops is located in Oksbøl, Filsø/Kærgård, Henne Strand, Henne Kirkeby, Outrup and Nymindegab, and they are complemented by 6 cyclist-friendly accommodations that are members of bed + bike.

Mountainbike in Blaabjerg Plantation

MTB riders can also find challenges in the five mountainbike terrains in Bordrup Plantation, Blaabjerg Dune Plantations in North Sea Nature Park, Søndre Plantation, and Søndre Heden Plantation south of Varde city and in Ølgod

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A bicycle ride at Filsø Lake

Mountainbike in Søndre Plantation

- and for the particularly experienced is  the black routes in Blaabjerg Plantation and in the gravel pit in Søndre Plantation, which is used in the toughest mountain bike competitions.