Here you will find everything from a discreet cup of coffee to michelin food

Dining places and local food

In Varde Municipality you will find a wide range of flavors. The many restuarants and cafés each have their own distinctive touch from the passionate people behind. Here is something for everyone's liking, from the bitter coffee to the sweetest desserts. Try an Italian pizza or locally sourced lamb or something completely else.

Oysters from The Wadden Sea

Savour South West Denmark

Oysters from The Wadden Sea, Varde Ådal lamb, local cheeses and lots of other exciting delicacies.

Vinspecialisten Varde

Wine, beer and coffee

Get a glass of your favorite drink.

Fishing poles


Shop with fish, fish restaurants and restaurants specializing in or specially known for fish.



Here you will find an overview of de many excellent bakeries in Varde Municipality.

McDonald's Varde

A quick meal

In Varde Municipality's many different fastfood restaurant, you will find a quick (but delicious) meal on the go.

Specialties and farm shops

In Varde Municipality you have the opportunity to visit the many specialties and farm shops. Here you will find a wide range of specialties made from local produce.