Strand i Varde Kommune

White beaches as far as the eye goes

Naturpark Vesterhavet

The immediate reaction of many first-time visitors to Denmark’s West Coast. There are awesome beaches from Skallingen to Hvidbjerg and Blåvand, and further to Vejers, Grærup, Børsmose, Henne, Houstrup and Nymindegab.

Experience the Wadden Sea National Park and The North Sea Nature Park

The Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park.

North Sea Nature Park

The North Sea natur park covers a 22,500 hectare area lying like a belt alonge the coast from Blåvandshuk to Nymindegab with a width of up to nine kilometres.

The sanded-over oak forest

The sanded-over oak forest is several hundred years old. the trees have been covered by shifting sands over time. This is clearly evident when new leaves emerge in spring.  There are several marked paths around the oak thicket from the parking area.


Filsø has become a first-class natural experience for families.

Denmark’s westernmost point at the North See

Welcome to Denmark's westernmost point at the North See

Skallingen og Langli

Skallingen og Langli - en naturoplevelse ud over det sædvanlige.

Bordrup Klitplantage

Bordrup Klitplantage.

Blaabjerg Stenen

The Blaabjerg stone is placed on the highest sanddune in Denmark (64 m above sea level) for the memory of Thyge de Thygeson, who was the leader from 1861 to 1899.Ealier it was possible to see up till 40 Churchtowers in the area. Situated right midlle in the Blaabjerg plantage, Parkeringpla...